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AI crap

There is a machine learning bubble, but the technology is here to stay. Once the bubble pops, the world will be changed by machine learning. But it will probably be crappier, not better. Contrary to the AI doomer’s expectations, the world isn’t going to go d…

via Drew DeVault's blog August 29, 2023

Owning Music, Saving Money, Support Artists

The other week I decided to get some new music from a band I enjoyed. Looking at the options to download their music on a platform seemed limited and often poisoned with Digital Rights Management (DRM). The easiest solution to the problem was to just go to…

via Sheogorath's Blog July 7, 2023

How we Build Platforms

I’m fascinated by the Metaverse. Not because I want to use that steaming pile of legless avatars, but because it’s the latest prominent attempt to establish a new platform. As Mark Zuckerberg said in internal emails about it:

via mark nottingham February 19, 2023

OverTheWire Advent Bonanza 2019: day-19 santa's signature

I took part in the OverTheWire Advent Bonanza 2019. All in all, the CTF was very pleasant because the challenges were interesting to solve, there was quite some time available as well (I spent about two weeks on and off on it) and I also managed to solve a f…

via Not Invented Here January 17, 2020

Ambient Burnout

In the lead-up to the UK’s last general election, I took it upon myself to campaign with my party, Labour. Most days for a few weeks this entailed going to people’s houses, trying to navigate their Murdochian talking points, and being scolded for trying t…

via HeydonWorks January 9, 2020

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